About me

This is meWelcome to my website bonkatz-com.preview-domain.com. My name is Philipp, born and raised in the eclectic city of Berlin, Germany. I grew up in the eastern part, but nevertheless with the tear down of the Berlin Wall things have significantly changed and I would rather count the “new” and united Berlin my home. Since I was growing quite a lot and only stopped at the size of 6ft8 (202cm) I was thinking about playing Basketball. To be very honest the best girlfriend of my mum told me to do so :) I became part of the Berlin cadre and Alba Berlin and we placed 3rd in the German championship. A few trainings in the national team were unfortunately the end of my career since I injured myself (outside the sport) too hard to continue…a time I will always see as one of the coolest experiences I had. “Luckily” this happened at college time so I could now 100% focus on my professional career outside sports and basketball.

me_2After I finished my high school diploma I studied a Bachelor of Engineering in Aeronautical Engineering and Aeronautical Logistics. You could come up with the idea that I have a liking for the aviation – you are RIGHT! :) I do not only love to travel but I am also interested in the engineering behind as well as all the economics it takes to run an aviation industry. Thus I started to work for Swiss International Air Lines’ Commercial Department in Zurich, Switzerland. With a stop at the Zurich Airport in an operational function as “Terminal Engineer” I could broaden my view of what’s happening at the airport and actively influence and optimize passenger infrastructure processes. After that occasion I went back to SWISS starting my current position as Senior Revenue Manager. We are basically responsible to have the right Price at the right Time in the right Market and Distribution Channel(s). Very interesting and even more complex than it already sounds :)

Did you ever wonder how the prices of an airline flight are developing?
I still do…

A small jump back – when I was still in school I used to live for almost a year in Las Vegas, NV, USA a bit outside the city in the desert with a gorgeous overview over the city. My dad is still living there and that is one of the reason why I am traveling so many times to the US west coast. I am now based in Zurich and enjoying Switzerland’s nature as well as Zurich Airport as a hub to travel to different cultures in all parts of the world. There is almost nothing as strong and big as my wanderlust.

On my bucket list you can find visiting to the new 7 wonders of the world, exploring as many different cultures as possible and a sailing trip around our blue planet.

For the future I don’t know what will come. I am flexible to either continue working in Switzerland, moving somewhere else (islandish, warm, sunny) and/or building up an own business. Life is so exciting and might surprise you when you expect it the least. Therefore it is important not to have as many friends as possible but as strong and loyal as possible. Saying that I can tell you that my friends moved in almost all directions of the earth, from Hong Kong to San Diego – but very important if you see them after years it feels like it has been yesterday.

Fake friends bail you out of jail telling you what you did was wrong.
Real friends would sit next to you saying ‘Damn! We fcked up, but that sht was fun!’

My hobbies today include sports (surfing, skateboarding, beach-volleyball etc.), traveling, sailing and flying. For sure there is more but those just came up to my mind 🙂

This website should share some impressions and experiences I gained while exploring parts of the world by plane, train, bike, boat and car. I hope you enjoy your stay and…